Pug Mask Frightens Children, Confuses Adults. Nightmare Fuel For All

This…”unsettlingly” detailed Pug Mask is the most adorable thing you’ll ever have the hardest of times looking at for long.

It isn’t that we resent the detail. This sturdy, plush faux fur Pug Mask’s extra fur hanging down in front and back really DOES replicate the appearance if some barbarian flayed an unnaturally gigantic specimen of this lovably smooshy bug-eyed European lap dog and made festive head-wear of its ‘iddle sweet face.

Really, when was the last time you saw someone get that RIGHT?

Pug Mask (1)

Sure, the eyes duplicate the pug’s big brown portals of boundless love, but with a fine mesh for clear vision. But that isn’t what “impressed” us so deeply, we felt a sudden urge to apologize to Jim Henson for every time our beds ever ran yellow with fear after watching THE DARK CRYSTAL and thinking, “Nope, nothing more terrifying than that.” Nope, that honor goes to the hinged jaw with cushioned chin brace, perfect for making sure your ingest-anything-once Epicurean stoner friend never again tries anything harder than Sanka after speaking to him while wearing it.

If you enjoy pumping confused bystanders full of premium-grade unleaded nightmare fuel, this pug’s for you.

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Excellent, Life Like Pug.

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