Protein Beer Lets You To Get Drunk While Working Out

Beer has been around a long, long time, since the earliest of recorded human history. However, its popularity in recent decades have gotten tarnished from the fact that the drink has plenty of carbohydrates and not enough other… nutrients, or other beneficial ingredients besides alcohol; not enough to make some health conscious people happy, until now?

Now beer is healthier for you, certain beer – protein beer. That’s right , all you beer enthusiasts, now you can drink beer and feel good about, knowing your getting the protein your body needs to grow BIG and strong. Supplemental Brewing: Protein Beer is the answer to all the concerned women and men who worry about sacrificing their drinking time, because of the evil carbohydrates in the beer they drink.

Now, beer is good for you, and good for athletes, because they can get that added protein intake they need daily to grow big muscles. And, the beer tastes great, hard to beat 7 grams of protein in every class of great tasting beer; beer you’d probably drink anyways, but now, it ok, because it’s good for you – Brewtein and NutriBeer, revolutionary beer brands for athletes.


Source – Supplemental Brewing

Protein! Protein! Protein!
Protein! Protein! Protein!


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Working Out has never been so much fun. BURP!

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