PROOF: The Instant Alcohol-Detecting Wearable With A Sexy Sense Of Style

Fascinating in function though it is, wearable tech typically isn’t exactly for everyone. User-friendliness can vary steeply, as often does just how overall individually beneficial people find convenient devices ranging from a Fitbit to increasingly feature-rich Apple or Android Wear smartwatches. Whether your technological affinity paints you as an avowed Luddite or a lifetime subscriber to Wired, if you venture out on the town in search of adult libations even occasionally, we urge you to give PROOF a look.

Had PROOF been around during our freewheeling college days…well, we might have sold it for weed money. It was a different time and we were different, unthinkably stupid people. However, the enlightened, conscientious adults we grew into couldn’t heap rich enough praise upon this concept: a wristband that effortlessly tracks its wearer’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) at all times. It just so happens to be so super-soft and comfortable as to make it easy to forget about it entirely. Not only that, but it has a classy austere black-and-silver motif that fashionably suits any attire.

A smartly designed magnetic connection makes it easy to quickly insert a testing cartridge before the imbibing begins. The disposable cartridges each measure perspired alcohol automatically throughout up to 12 hours to instantly generate surprisingly detailed BAC reports via the companion smartphone app and set off personalized vibration and LED alerts at selected levels of intoxication. The rechargeable battery is good for up to four days of continuous use, ensuring that even the most mind-destroying bender won’t leave you asking, “Just how far gone was I?”

If you won’t try PROOF for your own good, consider gifting it to someone you love.

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