Proof is Here! CIA Declassified Hundreds Of New UFO Documents In Lieu Of X-Files. Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice!

You only get to officially declassify over 70 years of government UFO files once. If the catis to inevitably slip out of the bag, it might as well line up neatly with the revival of the most notorious name in conspiracy theories this side of JFK and Oliver Stone.

Proving they aren’t completely absent a sense of humor, the CIA has thrown UFO obsessives and connoisseurs of top-secret skeletons in federal closets everywhere a bone: hundreds of documents detailing investigations into the possibility of intelligent life beyond our plant, and whether Earth is like a giant interstellar exotic safari park catered to galactic road-trippers. Federal officials were even just cheeky enough to acknowledge that Fox Mulder, the iconic paranormal-fixated “spooky” FBI profiler of FOX’s newly resurrected “The X-Files”, would be dousing his drawers in glee right about now.

In the interest of balance, the press release also nods to Mulder’s famously skeptical partner Agent Dana Scully by highlighting five specific newly available records from the 1940s and ’50s she would throw in a true believer’s face as plausible scientific explanations for unidentified flying objects. Though these myth-busting papers include several photos of purported UFOs, Mulder could just as easily counter with equally compelling reports of agency investigations into sightings over East Germany, Spain and North Africa in 1952.

Of course, none of what has washed ashore after opening the CIA’s secret floodgates has included an acknowledgement of the theory that the agency directly killed the show by secretly embedding particularly boring agents within the show’s writing staff.

Source –  UberGizmo via CIA.GOV / UFO Collection

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