We’re Probably Going To Find Aliens With China’s New Mega Huge Telescope

Is there life out there, in space? If there is intelligent life out there, they might be avoiding us, for good reason. However, if there is ‘someone’ else besides humans in the universe, China has the best chance of spotting/detecting them first, with the new alien-hunting radio telescope it built.

China’s new radio telescope is big, really big, in fact, it’s the largest one in the world. And, if it is true that the ultimate expression of true scientific study is to cast consideration to the sky – astronomy, then China has left no doubt they are serious about science.

To give you an example of how ‘big’ the dish is on this radio telescope, just imagine 4,500 panels messed together, each panel measuring 36 feet in length, that’s really big. How far out into space can it ‘see’ or hear? Believe it or not, it can detect/hear radio signals from billions of light years away, and, it can scan twice the area of sky than any other radio telescope on the planet.

You can read all the details about China’s new space toy, and then ponder about what type of radio signals they may find?

Source – NYTIMES

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