Prisma Guitars Made From Old Skateboards Are A Rad Design Concept

Guitars have been an extension of mankind’s machismo for quite some time, but electric guitars are a newer concept when compared to their acoustic partners in crime. These stringed badasses have been amplifying our musical performances since the 1930’s and continue to dominate the band scene.

If you’re a fingerpicking genius yourself, you probably want to serve up some rad swagger instead of going with a clean cut version to get that audience a roaring. And man are there options. We’ve seen everything from sword and winged guitars to snake and alligator-skinned ones, but a relatively new company called Prisma Guitars is changing the conventional ways of guitar creation with a fresh approach.

Used and broken skateboards are used to make these works of art, and each guitar is 100% handmade and completely unique. At least this way you can say for sure that no one can copy your style. They also accept donations of used skateboards with the hope the fun keeps on living in all new form of creative expression.

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