Pre-Order GTA 5 on PC Win A Chance To Become a Millionaire!

(Well, Not Really…)

Want to get a copy of GTA 5 before anyone else? Also want to become a millionaire? Well then your prayers have been answered thanks to a promotion from Rockstar Games that’s offering one million dollars to anyone who pre-orders GTA 5 on PC.

Grand Theft Auto V

What’s that? Don’t believe us?

Okay, to be fair, the deal is for one million dollars in in-game cash which possibly doesn’t have quite the same universal value as actual dollars. And another caveat: the $1 million will be split 50/50 between GTA Online and the main game so you’ll only really be starting out with $50,000. Still though, this is a pretty enticing offer for anyone who wants to start the game with a bit of an advantage and who doesn’t like the thought of ‘grinding’ their way to the top.

All you need to do is order before February 1 to benefit from the deal.

This is a very smart marketing ploy from Rockstar Games but to be fair it’s not like they need it. GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the very most hotly anticipated games due for 2015 and is no doubt going to follow in the highly successful footsteps of its predecessors.

So what do you think? Has this gotten you even more excited about the game’s impending arrival? Or would you rather start the game from scratch anyway?

Source – Ubergizmo / Rockstar Warehouse


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