Praying Mantis Mask For The Lover Of Insectoid Nightmare Fuel In Your Life

Ah, the praying mantis – lithe, six-legged patron saint of a woman’s deeply held conviction that husbands, lovers, constructions workers, Donald Trump and other men of impunity who overestimate their usefulness have gotten off light far too long.

Test primal fear’s command ove the male bladder tonight with this impressively and unsettlingly detailed Praying Mantis Mask. Fashionably alluring and cheeky ladies the world over have long honed a tantalizingly erotic secret of seduction: once he’s rendered pleasantly blurry by a lascivious libation of choice, pair this headgear with a slinky little black dress and insist on calling him “Xander” all night long. If he’s a Whedonverse virgin, well…hey, this will all be new to him and you sometimes have to make your own fun, anyway. This sick creation was not created by a mad scientist, rather, was created by the ArchieMcPhee, the same company who has brought us the popular horse head mask that is everywhere you look these days.

No man in your life for sexy Buffy role-play? You still have that singular medium perfect for those necessary discouraging vibes that “No,” “I’m not interested,” “‘No’ means NO,” “You have five seconds before you suck down pepper spray” and “When I introduced myself as ‘Ronda Rousey,’ did it not ring any bells?” just don’t get across crystal-clearly.

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