Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes Is The Best Trick Gift You Can Give or Get

Prank Pack relies on a single undisputed truth: no matter how bizarre these red herring products may seem, there is something at least as bizarre that someone paid real money to own.

Yes, these boxes may claim to hold a coffeemaker made to mount in a shower, a wok small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or a rig that turns your car into a roving sauna. True, they cleverly disguise the hopefully thoughtful and ingeniously practical gifts you’re actually giving.

As ridiculous as these gifts may seem, you must remember this: we have featured FaceTime-compatible fiber optic smartphone camera peripherals designed for high-definition tracking shots of places no lens was ever meant to venture. We have elucidated the finer points of a socially interactive iPhone-mounted vibrator. We’ve offered you habanero-infused gummy bears.

Before any of that, someone wore a bathrobe backwards one day, decided to call it a “snuggie”, and now has godlike money enough to make your mother disappear without a trace.

Go ahead. Tell us again how nobody would believe any of these could actually exist.



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