PowerRay Underwater Drone Fish Finder Shows You All The Fish With VR Glasses

Flying drones are everywhere, and their popularity just continues to rise to new heights, year after year, however, there are other types of drones being used that people are just now hearing about, such as underwater drones.

PowerRay is a unique underwater drone that is used as a fish finder, but it can do much more than find fish. It’s egg-shaped design lets it glide/swim easily through the water, and it can dive down to 98 feet, and stay submerged for up to four hours of continual use.

Created for fishing hobbyists, the PowerRay is more like a luxury toy that lets you explore the undersea world, and you can capture all you discover with HD photos and videos from a 4k UHD camera, using any Android or iOS device.

Controlling this underwater drone is easy because it has a floating antenna that uses Wi-Fi to connect to an app on your mobile device or smartphone. Steer is while aiming the camera to take videos of all the fish, corral, and anything else you discover underwater.

Whether you want to take your fishing skills to the next level, or you just want to have some fun exploring and taking pictures under the waves, then this is one underwater drone that you should ‘reel-in’.

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