Power Bank Hidden Camera Secretly Spies On People Using Your Gadgets

People have many reasons to use a hidden camera, especially parents and business owners. Not only can you see what your kids are up to when you are away from home, but now you can keep an eye on what those watching your kids are doing. You can never be too careful, especially when children are concerned.

The Power Bank Hidden Camera with DVR is ideal for just that purpose – to see and record the activity in your home, workplace, or wherever you place it, when you are not present. It is truly amazing what can happen when ‘no one’ is around, and this hidden camera will capture it. Just place it down, set the motion activated recording, and for about 2 days you’ll automatically record everything that’s going on when you’re not there.

Because it looks and functions as a standard portable power bank, no one will be the wiser, as long as the secret stays… secret. Recording at 1280×720 video, at 30FPS, its motion detector will activate up to 20 feet distance to record whatever is in its view range, in crisp HD color quality video.

Planning to go on a long holiday trip? Not a problem, it will record weeks of HD videos all on one SD card, and every time it does record, the exact time and date is stamp on the video. It is very easy to set up because it is comes ready to use, the two internal batteries allows you to recharge your mobile devices with one battery, while stealthily recording using the other.

If you ‘need’ to know what is happening, when you are not around, then gear-up and go covert with this hidden camera recorder.

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Real Working Power Bank Charges Gadgets & Records HD Hidden Video

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