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Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Pumps More “Pew! Pew!” Into Every Room

For the hardest of the hardcore “old-school” gamers, there’s still nothing that lends a home such a classically cool atmosphere as the experience of a classic arcade cabinet. Thans to the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch, we can now give every room a childhood ambience so authentic, we can smell the chilli dogs and hear the poetic lyricism in every curse word we could yell to the heavens in a bowling alley that would cost us a week-long grounding at home.

Press the buttons, watch the “Power-Up!” sign light whenever you toggle the room’s lights on or off, hear the authentic arcade “Pew! Pew!” sound effects, and feel the childhood come rushing back in an instant. You’ll need two AA batteries to power the effects and a screwdriver to swap out your current switch plate, but believe us, the nostalgic euphoria is 100% worth it.

Installation is as simple as fitting the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch over the existing wall switch by removing the current switch plate’s top two screws and applying the Arcade facade over the top. No electrical or wiring knowledge needed. Be advised, though, this won’t work with dimmer switches, flat switches, or anything else except a common-type switch.

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Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

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