Pound Cake Bacon & Nutella Melt Is Strangely Delicious

These Sandwiches Are Insane but Strangely Appetizing

Want to see something that will make you feel at once sickened and incredibly hungry?

Pound Cake Bacon Nuttella Melt

Then feast your eyes on these sandwiches that are a combination of bacon and Nutella. They look pretty insane and then you can stack them on top of each other just to create an even more mad and indulgent looking tower of cholesterol.

Technically these are not sandwiches but ‘pound cakes’. To make them, all you need is warm buttery pound cake, bacon and about a gallon of Nutella.

Pound Cake Bacon Nuttella Melt

Before you say ‘Oh my God no’, bear in mind that Nutella and bacon is a fairly common combination on pancakes. If you haven’t tried it before… just keep an open mind because it’s better than you think (it couldn’t be worse right?).

They’re incredibly easy to make and actually insanely moreish.

Pound Cake Bacon Nuttella Melt

The only slight downside is that they will kill you in a very short space of time. This is only just slightly healthier than drinking gravel and gunpowder and washing it down with vodka and a match.

Eat at your own peril! You own delicious, delicious peril. On your gravestone they will write:

‘Died doing what [he/she] loved: eating disgusting, monstrous cakes’

Nutella and Bacon Poundcake Sandwich

Source – OhBiteIt

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