Pot Pinchers Lobster Claw Pot Holders Protect Fleshy Human Hands From Heat

There is no applying logic to the way we attempt to handle hot pots and pans.

Try to follow our reasoning, here. A thing is hot. We convince ourselves that we’ll be best served handling it with as few fingers as possible. These heated objects are often a bit heavier than they look between their natural heft and the mass of whatever is cooking inside them, but that doesn’t stop us from convincing ourselves we possess the steely finger strength of a Shaolin monk who trains his kung fu by spending 12 hours a day breaking stone slabs with his pinkie fingers.

The inevitable outcome: we drop the pan in about half a second. The resulting spill re-finishes the kitchen floor with Panburger Partner. The searing metal scalds every inch of skin it accidentally touches on the way down. Eventually, we end up ordering pizza, which never fails to burn the roofs of our mouths.

Please, spare yourselves the tears we know so well. Spring for a pair or two of Pot Pinchers lobster pot grips. There’s more to love about these than just donning a pair of red crustacean claws and pretending to be an undersea restaurateur, because we are absolutely not the only adults who do that every Friday night. Obviously, the real payoff is in their practicality. These rubbery heat-resistant silicone pinchers ensure that our tender pink flesh remains completely free of burns and our floor is never coated with instant stroganoff.

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