Pot Leaf Blundt Cake Molds For Baking Marijuana Year ‘Round

You like pot brownies and cakes? Even if it’s not medicinal pot brownies and cakes, baking is can be lots of fun. There are countless shaped molds for all types of season and holiday for baking enthusiasts such Christmas themed trees and reindeer.

Halloween has pumpkin shaped baking molds, but pot leaf-shaped baking molds are good all year round, and they are great fun when your buddy’s come over to visit, or when you actually need to make medicinal cannabis cakes to medicate.

This set of 4 pot leaf-shaped cake molds for baking can be an ideal way to let other people in your home to know which the medical marijuana cakes are, and which are not! Either way, whether for fun or for medicating with marijuana, these green color 15″ x 35″ inch Bake-n-Serve Blundt Cake molds are oven safe and can handle the dishwasher just fine.

Pot Leaf Blundt Cake Mold 2

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