Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock Is Handmade Retro Science Tech Of Yesteryear

Back in the ‘day’, before modern digital displays, old movies would always highlight the then high-tech digit displays on scientific equipment like counters, voltmeters and on control panels in science fiction televisions series like the original Star Trek episodes.

This postmodern Nixie Tube Clock stylishly captures the essences of yesteryear technology and makes it fashionable again. Interesting to note, that Nixie Tube production has ceased a long time ago, however, these classically stylish clocks are made possible because of the resourcefulness of the maker to locate and gather any tubes they can find from Eastern Europe – remnant areas from the former Soviet Union.

All Nixie Tubes used in the construction of these nostalgia clocks are in mint condition, however, supplies are dwindling, so if you want to capture a piece of ‘real’ history, now would be the right time.

nixie_tube_clock (1)nixie_tube_clock (3)nixie_tube_clock (4)

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Time to own a piece of the former Soviet Union

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