Post-It Extreme Sticky Notes Let You Leave Them In The Harshest Conditions

One of the most important office supplies found all across the country is the sticky note. They let us leave reminders, notes and more hanging from the wall, fridge, monitor, door, or desk. Where would we be without sticky notes around the office and home? For those who work in outdoor conditions where leaving sticky notes is practically impossible, say no more. The Post-It Extreme sticky notes are made to last in even the toughest conditions.

Each pad of 45 sticky notes is made with tough conditions in mind. These notes are made from Dura-Hold paper and adhesive. This lets them hold up in nearly all conditions and stick to a huge variety of surfaces. Ready to go with you into the worksite, Post-It Extreme notes stick to wood, brick, cinder block, cement, steel, tile, and more. The notes will stick and stay strong in temperatures both hot and cold ranging from 0 degrees to 100 degrees F.

Rain in the forecast? No worries. When you use Post-It Extreme sticky notes, a little rain won’t ruin your day. The super sticky adhesive and water resistant paper don’t let go and don’t fall apart when wet. They will stay put and stay legible right where you need them to. When the message has been received, Post-It Extreme notes remove cleanly without damaging the surface. It is recommended that you don’t stick them onto other paper however, or it may tear. Mark foods in the freezer, jobs on the worksite, or places for home renovation with these ultra-durable notes. If you’re looking for an outdoor writing solution that can stand up to the elements, then Post-It Extreme notes are the thing for you!

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