Portal Mirrors Will Test Your Will Not To Jump Through One

If we don’t say, this is the stuff that cautionary tales about what bath salts do to the logic center of the brain are made of. So, here goes: Portal Mirrors from Etsy seller TigerMoonArts are not actual portals. Trying to use them as portals will likely knock you unconscious

No, we are not hiding something from you in order to keep the astonishing secret of giving the laws of physics the finger to ourselves. We totally under stand how this matching set of orange and blue-rimmed mirrors – the only creation of its kind to date available on Etsy – could be seriously convincing. The colored glow is one damn faithful recreation of the Aperture Science portal gun’s byproducts in the third-person puzzle game classics PORTAL and PORTAL 2.

Hang them across from one another, and the effect is even so close to what Chell would see, it’s uncanny. BE THAT AS IT MAY…do not jump into one in your bedroom and expect to come out in the bathroom. You’ll come to hours later in a bloody heap with one less awesome mirror.

Now, by all means, do feel free to show this particularly sweet, dim-witted dogs after lining the “portals” up on opposite walls and watch them insistently try to establish communication with one portal-puppy after another.

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