Portable Fire Burning Hot Tub Burns Wood To Heat Water Anywhere You Want

Has it been a long day? Do you need some place to relax and recharge? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a hot tub, so you could sit in hot water and relax your muscles from a long workday?

Many folks would like to get a hot tub of their very own, but they either lack the place to install one, or they don’t wish to commit to a permanent structure, or they don’t wont the extra electric bill that comes with a typical hot tub.

What if there was a ‘portable’ hot tub, one that you could easily move to a spot outside where you like, such as under a tree, near the garden or just right outside on the cement? Basically, a hot tub that did not need electricity to heat the water. Well, there is such a hot tub.

The wood burning Fire Hot Tub, its made of fiberglass and its portable! This means you can move it where you want, use your garden hose to fill it with water, start the fire, and then get in and relax. The ALFI brand Fire Hot Tub is perfect at night-time, because the fire burning creates a very romantic mood that may heat-up that special someone in your life.

Portable-Fire-Burning-Hot-Tub (5)


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