PopSLATE E-Ink Case Pops-On To Your iPhone 6 To Get A Second Screen

The iPhone series has been nothing less than amazing, and now with the iPhone 6 things just got BIGGER and better in… every way. The only way to improve on an almost perfect device that seamlessly melds the sleek metal surface to the newest HD Retina display would be to add an extra screen.

Only if it were possible to have 2 screens on an iPhone 6 would it be truly perfect. But wait! There is a way to have an extra screen on the back of this nearly perfect device, it’s true. It’s called ‘popSLATE’ – a pop-on accessory that is essentially a protective case that has an e-Paper screen display.

Once you pop it onto your iPhone 6, you will have a second screen on the back of your device that you can use to display pictures like maps, or screen saver type pics you can use to decorate your phone. Don’t worry about popSLATE draining your power, because it has its own battery. It’s hard not to get excited about such a cool accessory that you can simply pop-on to your iPhone 6 and you get an extra screen.popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 3popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 5popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 1popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 4popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 7popSLATE iPhone e-ink Second Screen 8

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