Poop Emoji Drink Kooler Is Cool As Shit

At this point, there’s no such thing as advice too weird to ever be practical. So, here goes: If you should ever find yourself surrounded by errant piles of tightly coiled poop at a party and seeking something to keep your drink cold in your hand, make sure your turd is smiling before sinking that beer or soda receptacle into it.

That way, you’ll at least know that you’ve found a Poo Emoji Drink Kooler and not an actual heap of feces. Aside from one option being proven as a more handy way to hold onto a frosty standard-sized bottle or can without numbing your digits, the other is an unsanitary portion of human waste. This cute little guy fortunately isn’t the usual steaming pile of crap. This happy little piece of shit is specifically designed to keep your cans cold so as you can keep on drinking, but hopefully not to the point where you find yourself laying in your own feces at 4am. Please drink responsibly.

If you require further explanation to understand why objects you drink from should not be enclosed in poop, consider yourself uninvited from every barbecue we host from now until the end of time.

The poo emoji drink kooler is designed to fit standard cans and bottles for keep your hands dry and your drink cold. That’s it!

poop-emoji-drink-kooler-1 poop-emoji-drink-kooler-2 poop-emoji-drink-kooler-4


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