Pool Guarding Gator Keeps Out Pool Hoppin’ Intruders

Swimming pools are a joy to have, especially during hot days and starry nights. However, these wonderful home improvement projects come with some safety concerns, especially when children are around or guests that are unfamiliar with the layout of your backyard.

Accidents happen, and both adults and children have fallen into pools because they weren’t watching or didn’t realize where the edge of the pool was. If only there was some way to catch the attention of people walking around swimming pools, to prevent accidents from happening, like the Pool Guarding Gator!

It floats on the surface of the water and looks just like an alligator. The three sections, the head, the body and the tail make it look as if a gator is in your pool, which definitely gets people’s attention, especially when the pool cleaner is running. When waves are created, this pool guarding gator seems to move on its own. And, although it isn’t real, kids feel differently when it begins to swim in their direction.

The best thing about this gator would have to be its glowing red LED eyes, as these effectively draw people’s attention to the pool area, and that helps avoid accidents from happening.

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