Pooch Power Shovel Automatically Picks Up Dog Poop So You Don’t Have To

If you own a dog, and you live in any major city, then you know what it is like to pick up dog poop, it’s unpleasant at best. Obviously, picking up dog poop is anything but fun, some pet owners use only a plastic bag and their hands, while others use some type of pooper scooper that basically shovels up their dog’s poop.

Thankfully, pooper scooping technology now exists that makes the job of cleaning up after your pet much easier and more dignified, it’s called the Pooch Power Shovel. Light weight and portable, this poop power shovel tool removes the need to use your hands to pick-up your dog’s droppings.

Instead, the power shovel sucks poop right off the ground and then places it into a plastic bag, so you don’t have too. Simple to use and easy to assemble, it is a dignified game changer in the quest for an easier way to pick up dog poop off the ground to meet local laws geared towards pet owners.

If you love your dog, but hate picking up poop, then the Pooch Power Shovel is what you need. It will give you up to 20 uses from one 12 hour charge, thus restoring your dignity and the enjoyment you get from walking your dog, without ever having to get your hands dirty.

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The dirtiest job meets the power of suck

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