Pongbot Moving Beer Pong Robot Takes Drinking Games To A New Level With Tech

If you have ever experienced the fun and excitement of a college party, or any get together with friends where drinking beer was involved, then no doubt you know what the beer pong game is?

If you don’t, don’t worry, it is not a hard game to play, all you have to do is toss a ping pong ball into a typical plastic beer tumbler to score. Each time you score, your opponent has to drink. Sounds like party fun that is easy to play, but it may be a bit predictable for some ‘experienced’ party people.

Well, the new Pongbot will fix that – take a simple beer pong game and make it unpredictably fun, for everyone. This is a table robot cart that holds four plastic beer tumblers and moves erratically on top of a table, to make scoring more challenging. There are sensors that will prevent it from going over the edge, although we can’t really say that won’t happen to anyone actually drinking during the game.

It uses sensors to keep it from falling off table tops and adds a whole new dimension to the popular party drinking game.

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Makes getting drunk fun again...and again...and again

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