Polar Picks Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser Shares Its Teeth When You Shake It

This Polar Picks Shake-and-Share Toothpick Dispenser does an all-around great justice to just how friendly these fairytale-like sea creatures can look.

They are called Narwhals , and seriously, have you ever taken a good, long look at one of these curious sea mammals? For one thing, they really do always look like they’re just having the grandest time doing whatever it is they do all the live-long day. Who could help but be charmed by that smile? This matte-finished porcelain dispenser seems particularly delighted to do away with his signature unicorn-like tooth protruding from its forehead so that he can present you with a handy toothpick anytime a stray bit of food gets lodged between your teeth.

It’s as if he’s saying, “Hold up, friend. I can’t let you receive the King of Atlantis with that spinach just hanging out like that. There you go. He’d have never let you live that down. Oh, and watch the traffic downtown. It’s a doozy around lunchtime.”

Source – Fred & Friends




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