Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Is Perfect For When Your Pokemon Go-Go-Go Gets Up And Leaves

Well-done, Pokemon Go. You’ve managed to take one of the cornerstones of nerdy fandom and associated it with getting outside and walking everywhere while interacting with lots and lots of strangers. Tell us, what did the natural order do to you that you felt you had to destroy it so?

If a mobile game is suddenly going to drive us all outside to wear ourselves out capturing imaginary creatures all over town, there’s something very fitting about having this ThinkGeek-exclusive Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag to collapse into in a heap at the end of our day’s hunt. Really, at nearly four-feet-long from head to toe and almost two feet across, he’s the only Pokemon oversized and fluffy enough to make us feel all cozy and cuddly after flopping onto his belly.

Besides, he lives for little more than eating and sleeping. Snorlax is the perfect reminder of the way things — — USED to be.

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