Pokemon Poke Ball LED Watch Keeps Your Training, Battle Schedules On Point

You know what they say: the early Pidgey gets the Caterpie.

There will only be so large a window between when a Pikachu spawns outside the bedroom window of your neighbor’s teenage daughter and the moment she wakes up and gets her ex-Marine father’s attention without bothering to ask what you’re actually doing outside with your iPhone. The point being, this Pokémon Poké Ball LED Watch lets you keep one eye on the time to ensure you skedaddle back to the safety of Totally-Not-A-Pervert Town before you get made and a wild shotgun appears ready to show you how “super-effective” a load of steel shot can be against your Great Balls.

After pushing the face’s hidden button, the Pokémon Poké Ball LED Watch displays the time in clear red lights to help you better manage your hours spent catching, training, and evolving your pokémon. After all, that asshole Barry won’t wait around all day at the gym to battle you while you’re off explaining to the police why a man old enough to apply for a mortgage is chasing around imaginary little monsters at 6 a.m. on a Monday.

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Never be late for your battles ever again

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