Poke Ball Mug Is For Drinking More Coffee To Catch Pokemon Ti’ll 3am, Not For Throwing

Do not throw this ceramic Poké Ball mug at small animals.

Two reasons. One, $14.99 per shattered mug adds up about as quickly as you’d expect. More than likely, that’s probably much faster than we anticipated. Two, beaning cats between the eyes didn’t work out at all the way the animated adventures of Ash Ketchum led us to believe it would. So horribly different.

Learn from our mounting legal expenses and lifetime ban from Petsmart. Stick to caffeinating your insane 4 a.m. Pokémon Go expeditions with this officially licensed cup. That being said, should you find yourself mistaking a bird crapping on your car for a particularly rude Pidgey, perhaps consider actually scaling back your coffee and seek professional counseling to deal with a dissociative psychosis.

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Now you'll catch 'em all night long

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