Pocket Shot Slingshot Makes Bart Simpson Eat Your Shorts

You love the crazy antics of Bart Simpson. Along with Dennis the Menace, these two pranksters terrorized their neighborhoods with their use of slingshots. These hand catapults have been used since 1844 after Charles Goodyear invented the device.While not usually known as killing machines unless the user is skilled, slingshots got miscellaneous upgrades as technology progressed through the years. So what’s next?

A new device called the Pocket Shot is giving the classic slingshot a revolutionary upgrade. This new model is based on a Pocket Shot base ring and a locking ring that locks the flexible pouches in. Once locked in, you can shoot a wide array of projectiles from this device with stunning accuracy.

Pocketshot Slingshot 3Pocketshot Slingshot 4Pocketshot Slingshot 2Pocketshot Slingshot 5

Eat our shorts Bart Simpson!


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