Pleasure & Pen Gimp Pen Holder Makes Signing Checks Less Of A Pain In The Ass

It’s as close to a rule of normalcy as we get around Unique Hunters HQ: an item originates from a company with such a we’d-rather-not-ask name as, you click and let curiosity have its way. Consequently, when the product allows us to satisfy our shared affinity for plugging the poopers of leather-clad submissives like wine bottles that howl and mumble, you buy in bulk.

The Pleasure & Pen Gimp Pen Holder is a handpainted thing of beauty that no S&M aficionado’s desk feels truly complete without. The genuine leather-tassled whip dangling from the ballpoint pen’s back end suits the elegant silver ballpoint pen as perfectly as its tip fits the no-no hole of our new favorite prone pet. We get to keep twisting writing instruments into places they were never meant to leave their ink, and our neighbors can quit calling the police every time breaking the office-record score in “Hide The Bic In Rick” gets noisy.

OK, so we could have let the last game play out somewhere other than the Starbucks next door. In their window. During the breakfast rush. Over scones and lattes. While wearing Mario and Luigi hats. Anyone who has to sign a check to the tax-man this year is sure to get some extra pleasure this year.

A MUST-HAVE for Pulp Fiction fans everywhere

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Must-Have Pen for Signing Checks To The "Tax Man" This year

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