PlayStation VR Is A Portal To Other Worlds To Experience

Virtual reality (VR) is here, it has been around for some years, but it is now affordable enough that the public has access to it, thanks to PlayStation VR. Do you like gaming? If you do, then you will gasp in excitement and awe once you experience VR for yourself.

This isn’t just a visual headset, no, it is a portal to other worlds, virtual worlds where you can truly immerse into the game environment. Is it intense? Oh, yeah, it is! So, intense, that your physical intuitions actually take over and you find yourself jumping, grabbing, dodging and ducking in real life.

The PlayStation folks have redefined the gaming experience with this virtual headset, and the plug and play feature just shows how in touch this gaming developer is with meeting consumer demands. Experience virtual worlds such as the new Star Wars Battlefront, Rigs Mechanized Combat League and Golem, just to name a few.

WARNING: Maybe suited for children of all ages, but once you go ‘virtual’, you will never go back to your old flat screen games.

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