PlayStation Icons Light Is Lethal Grown-Up Video Game Room Décor

So, your favorite console poster just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the items in your adulty new apartment. That doesn’t mean you need to give up your passion for video games. Growing up just means you get to pay homage to the world’s best console in a more mature way. Sorry Xbox fans, but good luck finding a fancy light like this.

This officially licensed PlayStation icon light adds a classy touch of video game nostalgia to your home. The iconic colored shapes (green triangle, red circle, blue x, and pink square) are arranged atop a black base that looks vaguely familiar to the console itself. The light is a classy display that shows off your PlayStation pride without screaming “teenager’s bedroom”. It is powered via USB, giving you flexibility to put it anywhere.

Oh, a classy light is boring you say? Well, never fear. Anything PlayStation related is sure to be fun in some way. This piece of décor has an awesome variety of light settings that are perfect for any occasion. Standard lighting keeps all four icons lit at the same time. The spontaneous color phasing mode lights up the icons in a random (or maybe it’s a secret cheat code) pattern. Finally, the lights also have a music mode and react and light up with the beat of the song you’re playing. This classy PlayStation icon lamp is the perfect piece to decorate your home, apartment, desk, or man cave.

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