PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote to Never Get Up From The Couch Again

Nothing like sitting back on your couch with the remote in one hand, snacks in the other while watching your favorite cable show, until you decide to play a PS4 entertainment app, or listen to music on your audio receiver. Having to get up from a comfortable position is regrettable, but necessary when you want to turn on your PS4, or is it?

Well, now it isn’t necessary to ruin a comfortable position you’ve attain on the couch to use your PS4 or other remote device. How is that possible? Because there is a Universal Media Remote for PlayStation®4, oh, yeah, it does exist.

This isn’t your dad’s universal remote, no son, this is the universal remote you’ve been looking for that can command up to four devices such as your TV, audio player, cable box, and of course for your PS4 system via Bluetooth. And, it does have special buttons dedicated to use just for the PS4.

Universal media remote for PS4 5Universal media remote for PS4 3Universal media remote for PS4 4Universal media remote for PS4 2

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