Playboy Playmates Reactions To Ultimate Epic Fail Videos

When it comes peeping in on the rich, famous and notorious, we’re really nothing more than a bunch of voyeuristic low-rent Jane Goodalls observing a fascinating, beautiful and strange species from the closest safe distance we can.

Thanks to stalking laws, pepper spray and bodyguards who look like they could crush us between their eyelids, that distance tends to minimize to about 50 feet. More often, it comes at the price of watching from even further afar via E!, at the price of feeling our braincells die one by one.

Here’s a question: what happens when four pretty people most easily recognized for their cash and prizes having been drooled upon by millions look in on the personal unairbrushed highlights of us, the unwashed masses?

FailArmy decided to put that to the test and got together around YouTube’s comforting glow to give four Playboy Playmates a look back into life beyond the grotto. Turns out, they haven’t forgotten where they came from entirely and are, at heart, just like us: they find face-planting children hilarious.

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