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Planetary Fleece Blankets With NASA Images Are Out Of This World

Now these are some throw rugs that are ‘out of this world’! If you are looking for something different, like a soft rug you can lay down in front of your fireplace during the cold months, when you feel like watching a moving on the floor, or just any time the kids want to play, then you can lounge on one of these planetary pleasures.

The planetary scenes are taken from NASA images, with major features clearly visible. There is another great use for these planet rugs, especially if you have small children, you can exile them to your planets of choice for a well needed nap, either on Earth, Mars or Jupiter.

Because these rugs have a roomy 60” diameter, there is plenty of room for multiple baby buns to touch-down on the planet surface and explore their surroundings.


Planetary-Fleece-Blanket (1)Planetary-Fleece-Blanket (2)Planetary-Fleece-Blanket (3)Planetary-Fleece-Blanket (4)Planetary-Fleece-Blanket (5)Planetary-Fleece-Blankets

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