Pizza Slice Pool Float Beats Sense into Your Careless Guests with Pepperoni and Mushrooms

At first glance, you probably think a pool is a good idea. In reality, the health of a pool is dependent on maintenance like vacuuming, cleaning, and chlorinating. And that’s just for starters! To make matters worse, your friends probably don’t appreciate just how much work goes into the fine art of maintaining a visually attractive pool.You’ve seen all kinds of debris floating around after the greatest of pool parties, from empty drinking cups to leftover crusts of pizza. If you’re looking to spice up your pool or hint at your careless friends to not litter in it, Swim Central is inflating everyone’s favorite Italian dish in their inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float.

Not only does this flotation device have a headrest and two cup holders, but you can also use it to beat some sense into your friends without doing any real damage in case your doting words fall on deaf ears.

Pizza Slice Pool Float 2Pizza Slice Pool Float 3


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