Pizza Flying Disc Merges Soul-Stuffing Pizza Warmth With Frisbee Fun

Were pizza not so utterly delicious, we might have long since felt some lingering disappointment at a flat, circular food so tempting to our frisbee instincts but ill-suited to majestic flight.

After all, we’re hard-pressed to name all the already-life-affirming things – from a Pizza Car and Giant Pizza Pool Float to pizza bikinis – that pizza’s comforting symphony of warm, stretchy cheese and richly carb-laden dough can’t improve upon.

What’s that? A Pizza Flying Disc, you say? Life, complete. Wherever pizza could possibly be lovingly embraced, this durable plastic toy soars to satisfaction’s rescue with the pepperoni-stacked spirit of mankind’s one perfect food. Your days of self-conscious reluctance to backhand a pan pizza 50 yards or so across a lawn or parking lot have come to a greasy, delicious end.


Pass-the-pizza-flying-food-disc (1)

Source – Big Mouth Inc

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Throwing food has never been more fun, less messy.

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