Pizza Condoms Are Hilarious and Make You Hungry


Can I Get Some Extra Meat On That Slice?

That’s what she said!

Designer Malygina was obviously thinking something similarly crude when she came up with these conceptual pizza condom wrappers. Basically they’re wrappers that have pepperoni and tomato patterns all over them and which, awesomely, actually come in tiny cardboard pizza boxes. We’ve all heard of corny blue movies featuring pizza delivery boys and if you want to recreate that for a little role play then this would be a perfect prop.

pizza condoms 2

Why pizzas? Well, other than that obvious ‘meat’ pun, it probably comes down the fact that everyone loves pizza… And if you’re a guy who’s hoping for a little oral sex then dressing your nob up to look like a delicious pizza can only be a helpful thing right?

It might also be to do with the fact that condoms are round. Perhaps Marina thought: pizzas are round, condoms are round… bingo!

friends sex

Of course it’s a shame that these pizza condoms aren’t actually available. Hopefully though if they get enough attention some manufacturer will pick up the idea and actually make them. Then you can order your extra-large and extra spicy and get stuffing that crust.

Eww, sorry…

Source – Geekologie via Malygina @ Behance[/vc_column_text]

Novelty Condoms
Novelty Condoms

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