Pizza Bikini Gives Guys A Slice of What’s Cooking

There are many different theories on how to win a man’s heart. Is it expensive lingerie? Maybe a passion for sports? Or is the way to a man’s heart his stomach? We’re betting on that last one, and whether its pepperoni, fresh veggies, or melty gooey cheese, pizza is a staple for the average Joe and has been for decades. Who doesn’t dream of a pepperoni pizza fetish?Pyknic is taking you for a slow-motion walk on the beach with their pepperoni pizza bikini. This food-inspired beachwear will cover those fabulous ladies while keeping those beach dudes hungry for a slice. Coming in at $64, why go for an ultra-classy expensive bikini when you can show them what’s cooking?You know what guys want.
Pizza Bikini (1) Pizza Bikini (2) Pizza Bikini (3) Pizza Bikini (4) Pizza Bikini (5) Pizza Bikini (6)
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