Pixel Pals Shed A 8-Bit Light On Three Gods Of Gaming

Mario, Mega Man, and Vault Boy have already lit up our imaginations for combined decades while blistering our thumbs. Pixel Pals simply make that illumination delightfully literal, in their own retro way.

Peripheral designers PDP have promised that these introductory 8-bit stylized representations of three unmistakable video game icons are merely the first legends to be immortalized. With the trio hitting GameStop shelves Nov. 25, more legendary light-up collectibles are promised in the not-too-distant future, although we aren’t privy to any more specific release details.

As for the premiere lineup, each Pixel Pal stands around four inches tall and measures about an inch deep. Their lamps all run on two AAA batteries, making them less-than-ideal for brightening up an entire room but uniquely charming nightlights or perhaps sources of a soft glow befitting a little nerdy humpity-bumpity. Here’s hoping that future runs might incorporate USB or AC power options.

Mario, Mega Man, and Vault Boy will arrive just in time for the holiday retail rush priced at $14.99 each.

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Source – Kotaku

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