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Pirate Ship Aquarium Offers Fishy Fun With Pirate Plunder

As FINDING NEMO taught the world in that endearing Pixar heartstring-tugging fashion, fish are friends. Unfortunately, impressionable young children too often assume the canine and kitty codes of conduct between pets and owners spans the full species spectrum, and – well, lessons about life and death cherished pets and flushing toilets tend to follow.

Never fear, parents. The world-class toymakers of Hammacher Schlemmer are here with their exclusive Pirate Ship Aquarium. Instead of real, wriggling live fish, this sunken and lost vessel is inhabited by motorized autonomously swimming ones housed within a transparent plastic hull. The decaying ship holds up to three gallons of water and is haunted by plastic skeletons of its former crew. The puttering clown fish and zombie shark can feast on ex-pirates by the barrel when fed by human hands through the semi-intact upper deck.

When one of the swimming fish flips an anchor switch beneath the mast, the poor lubber in the crow’s nest trips overboard. Another rubber band-triggered trap door will send another falling from the aft deck to an eternity rolling in the deep.


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Pirate Ship Aquarium
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