Piper Smart Arming Home Security Detects & Arms When No One Is Home

For city folks, the daily activity routine usually consists of running inside and outside of the home. In fact, living in modern cities today finds most people gone most of the day. That is why home security systems are so important; only if they are turned on.

Running in and out of the house, rushing to get out the door to make an appointment or to arrive at work on time has left people’s homes at risk. Why is that? Because, when your frantic about ‘getting out the door’, its common to sometimes forget to arm the home security system, which leaves your home wide open to thieves or unwanted entry.

The solution to this problem is the Piper – a remote device that monitors your home, and when no one is home, and the alarm isn’t turned on, then Piper will… ‘pipe-up’ and let you know it via text message or app on your smartphone.

In the drive to reduce home invasion, Life360 and Piper have developed the easy to use app and monitoring device that has a camera, to that allows you to detect when no one’s home, and it lets you arm your security system with just the touch of a button.

Now, you can check to see if anyone is at home, or if your home alarm has been turned on, or not? The Piper is sure to provide you a piece of mind, especially if you are away from home a lot.



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