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Pioneer Airbow Rifle Shoots Arrows At 450 FPS To Make Daryl Dixon Jealous

If you are a ‘big game’ hunter, or you are interested in hunting, then you will surely be interested in the Pioneer Airbow – a revolutionary air powered big game weapon that has been crowned with its own category – Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Airbows.

Able to fire full length arrows, along with full weight broadheads, the rifle’s frame houses an air canister that provides 3000 psi of consistent thrust to fire eight arrows at 450 fps, which is impressive. It comes with a 6×60 mm scope – the CenterPoint, which allows you to fire on targets with accuracy out to 75 yards.

There are many benefits that the new Pioneer Airbow offers big game hunters, and those interested in hunting, especially when compared to crossbows. The superior accuracy of the weapon, its superior kill range, and ease of use make this new airbow extremely attractive to all levels of hunters. And, its easy to maintain, even when faced by zombie hordes in the middle of a wasteland.

Detailed specifics are listed on the Pioneer Airbow website, it’s worth a look.




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