Pig’s Feet Gloves Exclaim How Nice It Is to Meat You

What makes a pig truly great? Their pink color? Their curly tails? No it’s their feet that sets them apart from other animals. Domestic pigs have been used for ages and have been a staple in the food industries. An ancestor of the wild boar, there are nearly 1 billion pigs alive at any time.You may not like the idea of these adorable animals being turned into food. Or perhaps you’re a furry and looking to take things to the next level. If so, then take a look at Miss Piggy. She ended up on top, right? If you’d like to embrace the domestic animal with a glamorous take like Kermit’s wife, then Archie McPhee may just have the thing.

Their pigs feet gloves are made of latex and while they won’t make dining any easier, at least you can think back on the days when you had pig’s feet for hands.




Pigs Feet Gloves
Pigs Feet Gloves
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