Piano Gloves Plays 30 Instruments On Any Surface

Play Us A Song (ANYWHERE), You’re The Piano Gloves

For all the nostalgic longing after the simpler heyday of music’s analog – both in production and enjoyment – there’s just something about the rich creative experience that electronic instrumentation brings anywhere musicians can be inspired.

Case in point? The unreal cool of these Piano Gloves. Wherever your fingers start to dance across a flat surface with a melody, you are the Piano Man. Pressing each fingertip’s embedded sensors from left to right across any firm surface plays a new note ascending a major scale. The left glove manages the bass clef, the right handles the treble, and the gloves carry a combined 20 programmed background rhythms in an array of styles and eight additional instruments, including guitar and drums. The tethered controller housing the portable speakers also lets you adjust the tempo and volume on the fly.

One size fits most budding adult pianists with the power of four AAA batteries.


Piano Gloves
Piano Gloves
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Eat your heart out Billy Joel

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