Photorealism Collection Helps You See the Beauty in Your Littered Mancave

A picture’s worth a thousand words, whether you’re making duck faces in your selfies or you’re doing an ode to mother earth on your next hike. If you’re a fan of still-life art or you need something other than pictures of yourself decorating those walls at home, replace your self-inflated ego with something original.Photorealism portrays the belief that there’s magic all around us if you just look right under your nose. Not your boogers silly. As in what’s literally around you. Doug Bloodworth is giving geeks a new outlook on the mundane with his collection of photorealism art. Mainly focused on your favorite comic books, Bloodworth’s collection finds beauty in nostalgia.So the next time you’re eating potato chips while reading those retro comic books, take another look. You may be surprised just how beautiful your surroundings are. See more of his work at

Source – 1stDibs via PhotoRealism
Photorealism Art
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