Phonesoap 2.0 UV Sanitizes Your Phone From Germs While It Charges

Like any conscientious human being in the year 2017, you would as soon spend all night downloading porn over a 56K modem plugged into a smart fridge before you would go about your day without fully charging your phone. Yet, do you ever think about thoroughly cleaning it before pressing it to your face? The makers of the Phonesoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer & Universal Charger would beg you to ruminate a moment on just that notion.

All day long, your lifeline to the world travels in your pocket, backpack and gym bag. When you step out for lunch or a night on the town, you constantly set it briefly aside where people eat and drink. It entertains you on the toilet. If nothing else, keep this in mind: think about every part of your body or someone else’s that your hands have touched – yes, even the bits only Jesus gets to see whenever wants. You touched your phone afterward, didn’t you? What did you do next?

That’s right. You pressed it to your face, along with whatever migrated to your digits after they had already been please-don’t-clarify-exactly-where just moments earlier. At best, whatever was lingering invisible to the naked eye on your screen jumped instantly to your fingertips, and then took a leap of faith onto the next piece of food you touched.

The Phonesoap 2.0 utilizes harmless ultraviolet light generated by two specially calibrated UV-C lamps to eradicate every trace of bacteria on your Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL and any other object that would fit inside a case sized for these larger smartphones in lieu of liquids, chemicals and cleansing fire – you know, stuff that tends to sanitize electronics at the cost of ruining them. Meanwhile, your phone itself never has to miss a beat. This super-advanced maintenance device does its thing while its 5V USB universal power port actively charges any Android or iPhone model with a Micro USB, Lightning or even a classic Apple 30-pin cable, and a built-in acoustic amplifier ensures you can still hear every alarm and notification. Within about 10 minutes, a blue indicator light will inform you that the UV rays bouncing around the curved, reflective inner surface have impaired the DNA of 99.9 percent of freeloading bacteria and viruses hitchhiking on your phone.

After all, you won’t stop working long enough to make time for effective personal hygiene. Thanks to the Phonesoap 2.0, neither does your handheld window to the world.

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