Philips Wireless Audio Headphones Cut The Cord But Not The Sound Quality

If you like jamming to music on the go, then you know how frustrating and limiting headphone wires can be. Headphone wires can get in the way of an active lifestyle, by limiting the way you move out of concern for pulling the in-ear speaker out of your ears whenever their wires get tugged or caught on anything.

Well, what if there was a mobile audio headphone that was stylishly colored and had… “wait for it”… no wires? That’s right folks, Philips has done it! Philips Wireless Audio Headphones are now wireless; no longer will listening to your favorite tunes on the go be a hindrance to the way you move about while listening to music.

The SHB 5900 audio wireless in-ear headphones harness the power of their BT6600 Bluetooth headphone speakers. And, they are water resistance. Although these still require power to run, the battery is designed to last up to 12 hours, which is also another impressive accomplishment for the boys and girls down at Philip’s research center. It’s obvious they also enjoy listening to music on the go.

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Source – SlashGear

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