Philips Wake-up Light Gets You Out Of Bed Naturally With Fake Sunshine

Waking up can be hard to do, for some people, sleeping feels so good that they shrug-off the alarm clock’s rambling noise with a heavy hand on the snooze button, and then wake up late cursing and questioning why their alarm clock or smartphone alarm failed them?

The Philips Wake-up light is not a revolutionary way to wake up, really. The light actually mimics the natural way people used to wake up, before being placed underneath the heel of a punch-clock society, for the sake of progress.

Believe it, or not, people used to slowly wake up as the sun would rise in the morning, as various natural sounds come to life bringing with it the hope of a new day. Similarly, the wake-up light uses light therapy and sounds, to simulate the morning light. Colors of light that are seen from morning to high noon range from dawn red, warm yellow, and a bright yellow light.

Waking up gradually has a huge positive impact on a person’s day, it help people to be in a better mood. Unlike being roused and roughly woken up blaring sounds from an alarm clock, that will ruin anyone’s day.







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