Philips Pasta Maker Makes Noodles At Home With 1600 LBS Of Force

Do you like noodles and pasta, many people love them! Noodles are one of those foods that can be used in many assorted dishes, more than just spaghetti. There are many European dishes that use noodles, especially popular are Italian pasta dishes, but finding the right noodles you need, at the time you need them – before guest arrive, isn’t easy.

Going to the store to find the noodles you need takes time, time you may not have. Or, your local store may not have ‘the noodles’ your seeking, not to worry. PHILIPS Home Noodle Maker will save your pasta lovin day! Now, you can make the pasta noodles you want and need, just the way you like it.

Do you have guests to entertain, need lots of noodles… now? The PHILIPS Noodle Maker has a 500g capacity that can make enough noodles for 4 hungry folks, and it comes with all the accessories you need, such as a measuring cup, cleaning kit, instructions and even a cook book, to make your own noodles at home.

Philips Pasta Maker (4)Philips Pasta Maker (2)Philips Pasta Maker (1)Philips Pasta Maker (5)


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